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Thank you for your interest in signing up for EYS’ 2024 baseball and softball season! Some of you may have questions, so we’ve put together this FAQ to help you along the way.


Registration Questions
Q: When does registration open?

A: Registration runs from Jan. 2-Feb. 29, 2024. Registration ends at 11:59 p.m. the night of Feb. 29.
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Q: What leagues do you offer?

A: EYS offers nine leagues to build the foundations of fundamentals while developing a love of the game. This season, leagues are being offered at the following levels:

  • Ages 3-4 Co-ed league
  • Ages 5-6 Boys Developmental Baseball League
  • Ages 7-8 Boys Rookie Baseball League
  • Ages 9-10 Boys Minor Baseball League
  • Ages 11-12 Boys Major Baseball League
  • 6U Girls Softball League
  • 8U Girls Softball League
  • 10U Girls Softball League
  • 12/14U Girls Softball League


Q: What is the cutoff date for ages of players?

A: Ellettsville Youth Sports follows the USSSA guideline for age divisions. For baseball, the age of a player on May 1 of the current season determines what league a player is eligible for enrollment. For softball, the age of a player on Jan. 1 determines the league. Follow the chart below.


Q: What is the cost of playing baseball or softball?

A: Registration fees are $75 for players 6 and younger, and $95 for all other leagues.


Q: Is there an early-bird discount?

A: Yes! Players who are registered prior to 11:59 p.m. Jan. 31 receive a $10 discount off their registration fee.


Q: Is there a family discount?

A: Yes! Enrolling multiple players from a single family comes with a discount. For instance, a family enrolling two players would receive a $10 discount on the total enrollment fee, $20 for a third player enrolled, and $30 for three or more players.


Q: I’m enrolling multiple immediate family members in the same league. Will they be on the same team?

A: Yes. Players from the same immediate family will be placed on the same team. Accommodation cannot be guaranteed for extended family members.


Q: How will teams be assembled?

A: There are two phases to the construction of teams. The first phase features the evaluation of the skill levels of players. This includes running, catching, throwing, and hitting. Note that players in our 3-4 Co-ed baseball and 5-6 Developmental baseball leagues, and our 6U softball league will not be required to be evaluated. The second phase features a draft of players by our volunteer coaches with a focus on maintaining a competitive balance for our season.


Q: I would like my player to play “up” in an older league than his age initially allows. Will my player be allowed to do that?

A: Players are allowed to play “up” provided they pass an evaluation from league board members and league coaches during the preseason evaluation phase of the season. The evaluation is required to ensure the safety of players who may want to play “up” but don’t have the requisite skills to do so. All decisions about a player’s eligibility for playing at a higher level are final.


Q: When will I find out what team my player is on?

A: The drafting of teams will be held shortly after the end of registration. Families will be notified of their team assignments prior to the week of Spring Break for the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation, which will be held March 11-15.


Q: Can I request a specific coach for my player?

A: Families may not request a specific coach for their player. Players whose family members serve as a volunteer coach, whether head coach or assistant coach, will be paired with each other.


Q: When do practices start?

A: Preseason practice will begin the week following RBBCSC Spring break, i.e. the week of March 18.

Q: Where is the EYS Complex located?

A: The EYS Complex is located at 102 South Park Street in Ellettsville, Indiana.


Q: Are families from outside Ellettsville welcome to play EYS baseball and softball?

A: Absolutely! There are no residential requirements to sign up for and play EYS baseball and softball.


Q: What is the schedule for practices and games?

A: During the preseason, teams will practice once during the week and once on the weekend, typically on Saturday. Once the regular season starts, there typically is one game a week and one practice on the weekend. Regular-season games are usually held Monday-Thursday, although Friday games may be occasionally held in the event of rainouts or other scheduling conflicts.


Q: Do you know the exact day of the week each league will play?

A: A schedule of when games will be played will not be released until after the end of registration because EYS needs to know how many teams will be a part of each league before a schedule can be prepared.


Q: Where will games be played at the EYS Complex?

A: The EYS Complex is comprised of four fields—Yellow Field, Red Field, Blue Field, and Green Field. The Yellow Field is used for our 3-4 Co-ed and 5-6 Developmental Leagues. The Red Field hosts games from our 9-10 Minor and 11-12 Major baseball leagues. The Blue Field hosts 8U, 10U, and 12/14U softball leagues. The Green Field hosts 6U softball and 7-8 Rookie baseball league games.

Q: Will all the games be played at the EYS Complex?

A: It depends on the league in which your player is enrolled. All baseball games will be played at the EYS Complex. However, some games in our 8U, 10U, and 12/14U softball leagues vs. our partners in the Eastern Greene Youth Softball league in Greene County, Indiana, will take place at their complex. Eastern Greene is located roughly 30 minutes from Ellettsville, but trips to Eastern Greene will be limited.


Equipment questions

Q: My child has never played baseball or softball before. What equipment is needed to play?

A: A glove is necessary to play EYS baseball and softball. Players are strongly encouraged to also bring their own batting helmet and bat, and baseball/softball cleats are also encouraged. In our softball leagues, it is mandatory for batters to wear helmets with a facemask. Facemasks in the field are also mandatory for the safety of the players. Facemasks in the field are allowed and encouraged, particularly among our younger players who are learning to field. Facemasks in the field for baseball, however, are not mandatory.


Q: Are protective “c-flaps” required for baseball batting helmets?

A: Although C-flaps—a hard plastic helmet attachment sold separately that provides protection from pitched balls—are encouraged, they are not required to play EYS baseball.


Q: Is there any other safety equipment you suggest?

A: Pitchers are encouraged to wear a heart guard.


Q: What are the rules regarding bats?

A: Players are required to use a USA- or USSSA-certified bat. Bats may have a maximum diameter of 2 ¾ inches, and it must have a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15. BPF is a measure of how fast a ball comes off the barrel of the bat, and 1.15 BPF is the standard for most bats.


Q: What length of bat is best for my child?

A: A baseball or softball bat is a very specific item for each child. It’s best for your child to have a bat that is light enough for them to swing quickly and long enough for them to reach the outside part of home plate. If you have questions about which bat might be right for your child, EYS has a number of bats that can be tried out at our Equipment Barn at the EYS Complex.


Q: Does EYS provide any equipment to players?

A: The only equipment provided for players is a quality set of catcher’s gear. The league provides a quality set to each team at the start of the season. However, thanks to the generosity of our families, there is an assortment of batting helmets, gloves, bats, shoes, and uniform pants available for players to use.


Q: Anything else I need to know?

A: EYS strives to create a culture of respect toward umpires, coaches, and players. EYS reserves the right to remove anyone who abuses umpires, coaches, or players from the EYS Complex and will involve legal authorities if necessary. The safety and comfort of our EYS families and umpires is our No. 1 priority, and measures will be taken to enforce our culture of respect.

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Ellettsville Youth Sports is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created to provide a fun yet competitive youth sports program that promotes the development of the athletic skills, leadership skills, character, and sportsmanship of youth of Ellettsville, Indiana and the surrounding communities.

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